Inspired by fairytales and folklore, I love to create art that feels like a dream and transports you to other worlds.

Born in Finland in 1985, growing up nature, books and doing things with my hands were what I was drawn to. I loved art too, but thought I had no special talent for it.

At nineteen I enrolled into university to study computer science, following my parents footsteps. However I began doubting my choice pretty soon, and ended up dropping out and enrolling into a traditional art school instead.

I loved school and painting big canvases with oils. After school I got work as an artist for mobile games, and after some years moved on to freelance game art and illustration.

After a while though, working digitally started feeling very wearisome and unsatisfying, so I decided to take a big leap and go back to traditional and concentrate on subject matters that I am personally more drawn to.

I love the tactile feeling of the pen in my hand!