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Testing out my traditional media process with some fruit.


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Happy Melons

Melons done for Paf, for display on cruise ships with their fruit games.



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Ice cream and donut  done with with acrylics and colored pencils.

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CS Team Tag


A small tag/logo I did for the CS team night owls. This was a fun little project, I got free reign on design and everyone was very happy with the result.

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Baby year


I’ve been absent for a while, due to having a wonderful baby boy, and taking some time off to care for him. As much as I enjoyed having a baby year, I’m so glad to be back to work now!

I managed to finally get into sewing too, since there was just no time for knitting with all the baby stuff going on. And nursing wear is insanely expensive when bought ready made. This has all left me with a huge appreciation for the great selection of print fabrics we have available here in Finland for children and adults both, and a definite yearning to try my hand at fabric design!

My poor garden has been pretty neglected too, though we did manage to plant a cherry tree and insert a new garden arch this year. And we got a kitchen compost, so delicious fertilizer coming up next year!

I’ll update some old stuff to the blog I’ve forgotten to post earlier, and some new stuff upcoming soon too!

The image was part of a baby card sent out, continuing my experimentation with colored pencils and acrylic washes.

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And Her Name Was Susan


So here’s a a little Pratchett fan art piece I did, of Susan Sto Helit as Death. I don’t do fan art very often and when I do I prefer doing characters from literature, as I feel that gives me a more interesting creative challenge then going off from a visual design someone else has already come up with. I’ve always thought Susan was a fun character so it was interesting to visualize her.

This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, as when I started I had this nice vision of having a fleshy face visible with the skull just showing through it as nice and white, sounds good right? I just couldn’t get it to work visually, as you’ll see in the progress pics, so I ended up just going full skull. A more symbolic and less rendered approach might have gotten it to work, and I’m now almost sad I didn’t go that way now. I also ended up having trouble with the character in another way. In the books she’s described as “pretty, in a skinny way” so at first I made her, well, pretty. But I really didn’t feel like the character was just “a pretty face” and ended up in a sort of conflict with myself over it. In the end of course I sidestepped that issue with the more prominent skull.

Here are the steps.

1. Pencil sketch


2. Value sketch on top of pencils, and trying out the color scheme.


3. Played with color until I found something that felt right, Tried to make character less cute – now she just looked grumpy though.


4. Adding more skull, not feeling good.


5. Abandoned fleshy face as not working, went all out skull. At least she feels scary now! Spent tons of time studying ravens, and then painted it in. At this point raven takes way too much attention, so started to doubt my bg and values


6. Redid the cloud shapes in the bg, and tuned the bg darker and lightened the hair – now the attention is back on the character.


Final. Added some secondary lights, refined the clouds and other details.


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Kiddy Style Exploration



Here’s some exploration done on a more kid friendly style. It was really hard to get started, but I actually ended up quite enjoying this. I don’t see myself really switching over to kids illustration wholesale, but I’d love to do a kids book at some point. Lacking focus you say!? I just really love taking on different challenges and not repeating myself. That’s why games are so great, you can start from the ground up each time without being shackled by the conventions you established last time around.

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Marketing Illustration for Paf


Here’s something I did for Avaus/ paf during the summer. Not really my usual style, but it was a pretty interesting challenge to find a look everyone was happy with. I do love the kind of retro feel it has too.

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Here’s something I did a while ago when I was still planning on adding more book cover work to my portfolio. I was really happy with this sketch, but couldn’t find a way to turn it into a full painting without loosing what I like about it. Maybe sometime later? Here it is anyway!


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Anatomy sketches

Made from my Anatomy Tools figure, because something you just need to sketch anatomy. Seriously though, I love my figure and feel like it has helped me a ton in visualizing anatomy in 3d.


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