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Baby year


I’ve been absent for a while, due to having a wonderful baby boy, and taking some time off to care for him. As much as I enjoyed having a baby year, I’m so glad to be back to work now!

I managed to finally get into sewing too, since there was just no time for knitting with all the baby stuff going on. And nursing wear is insanely expensive when bought ready made. This has all left me with a huge appreciation for the great selection of print fabrics we have available here in Finland for children and adults both, and a definite yearning to try my hand at fabric design!

My poor garden has been pretty neglected too, though we did manage to plant a cherry tree and insert a new garden arch this year. And we got a kitchen compost, so delicious fertilizer coming up next year!

I’ll update some old stuff to the blog I’ve forgotten to post earlier, and some new stuff upcoming soon too!

The image was part of a baby card sent out, continuing my experimentation with colored pencils and acrylic washes.

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Opened a Society6 Shop!


So here finally is the society6 shop set up to sell my new work! If anyone else out there has a shop I’d thankful for any help you could throw my way.

I’m planning on doing a little post on setting up on society6 later this week, as some of the features or a bit hard to find and understand, so stay tuned if you’re thinking about setting up a shop of your very own!

Here’s some of my favorite items with my art on them:

fox_ipad - Copy

bear_onesie owl_tote unicorn_mug

hare_phone - Copy

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Joined Livestream!



I created my own livestream channel yesterday, and managed to record an hours worth of painting too. Check it out

Word of warning to anyone else wanting to join, the livestream page you end up at first is the “new” livestream, which is bad, you want the “old”  livestream, that is good. You can find it at the absolute bottom right of the page, asking if you have an old livestream account, click log in, then click create account.

Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see me paint!

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Aethercon Appearance

For better or for worse I’ll be taking part in the Aethercon on 16th to 18th of November, in other words, onward from friday!

This will be my first con, and probably is the worlds first virtual con too. I have no idea how things will play out, or even how it will all work in general, but I do know I will be there:

7 to 10 pm GMT +2
noon to 3 pm EST

5 – 8 pm GMT +2
10 am – 1 pm EST

5 – 8 pm GMT +2
10 am – 1 pm EST

This sketch will be part of my skin demonstration, and a bark demonstration if I end up doing one.

I will be streaming tutorials on painting skin, hair and making tiles (or that’s what I think I’ll do at the moment!) and taking questions. You can join a google hangout through the Aethercon artist enclave page to ask questions and chat live, or you can follow along the stream once it starts on my youtube account.

The streams will stay on youtube once they have been finished, so if you don’t have time to follow live but are interested, check them out later!

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