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Creative Cravings Posts

Photography as a Way to Relax

Since drawing a painting is what I mainly do, I always have really high expectations of how work turns out. It can sometimes get a little stressful, so I like having other creative things going on that are just for myself, as a way of being creative without boundaries. I love doing photography for this reason, I can just grab a camera and go, and there’s no pressure to perform. Here are some photographs I’ve taken this spring. I like trying to find compositional elements I might later reuse in my illustration work.

This one is from our trip to Creece, this one picture really sums the whole experience.

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Character portrait #2

Here is another character from the harnmaster campaing, my own character that is. I tried to create a personality sufficiently different from my own, so I wouldn’t fall into the trap of just trying to play myself. We’ll see how things progress.

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Character Portrait

As I mentioned earlier, here is a character portrait for our new harnmaster campaing. We’ve decided to switch gms during it, and I just had my first go at it! And killed one character. Now I’m really glad I finish a portrait for him. However, here is Donovan, who is currently alive and unharmed!

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Quick portrait

I had an awesome holiday last week, and now I’m full of creative energy!

I’m giving roleplaying another go, as I’ve always wanted to try, but it never really worked out. So now I have plenty of material for making character portraits! I’m finally making up for the fact that every time making characters came up at work, someting torpetoed the project before I had time to finish them.

This is a quick portrait for one of the characters created today, I’ve got a few full body ones on the works as well. I love making characters.

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Last ink!

So here’s the last one of the series for now. I ended up really liking doing these and now I feel a little bit sad about stopping. This time I used brush for the background, mainly to make making all those black bearable. I’m not quite satisfied with the background, even tho I feel I spent ages at it, I think it could have been more readable overall. I like the brush too, I just don’t feel I have total control over it. Maybe if I went for a bigger paper size. I still like this piece overall, the concept of piles and piles of treasure is just too fun. If this as a digital painting I would probably have been adding stuff endlessly and it would have taken ages to finish. Still, doing a background like this for a game would be awesome. And I love shiny plates in ink.

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I’m really happy with this one, tho I did kind of draw myself into a corner here. More forward planning next time. I’ve kept using thin pens for character details and brush pen for background and thickening the crucial lines. I end up scanning the picture in, looking at it zoomed out, and going back to the original and adding thicker lines to many places to keep the image clearer.

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Finally some character interaction (or lack of interaction). I actually really like the problem solving related to these inks, trying to make something simple and easily recognizable and something that’s easy to identify with is so different from making sweeping, dramatic statements with my paintings. But it’s really fun. Many of the drawings I remember from my childhood are ink illustrations, sometimes simple presentation is the most powerful and memorable.

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Another Ink

Next image in the Dealing with Dragons-series. I really tried hard to make each princess have a different look and attitude.

Doing these narrative illustrations is a weird experience compared to doing my normal painting, as I’m actually illustrating something literal that is happening, instead of trying to capture something very general. I really like it tho, sometimes simple things are the best.

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New Inks

I haven’t been doing inks for ages, and even then the experiments were really brief. There’s something about line and flat black that I really like tho, and hopefully exploring these will add to my other work. And it’s a great way to force me to finish drawing before jumping to paints, a win-win!

I picked Dealing with Dragons as my inspiration, and started doing a series of images based on the scenes I find most interesting, in no particular order. Here’s the first one, admire my shaky line!

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New Haircut

Guess what I’ve been doing today? I got myself a haircut and bought some inks and brushes. I want to learn to ink with a brush so bad, but I find it a little bit hard to control as you can see. And I look like I’ve escaped from Bold and the Beautiful. I’m sure I’ll get used to the new hair in a few days.

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