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How not to do it

I finished a piece that’s been in progress for a while.

The progress of painting it was incredibly painful, mostly because of my tendency to jump the gun and start painting straight from the color sketch. Here’s the original sketch in Photoshop.

Color is always a really important part of the concept for me, so occasionally when I hit the colors I like straight from the start I just want to keep painting, instead of going back and doing the whole boring drawing part first. So stupidly I started painting on top of this, and as you can see there’s… lots of stuff left to fix after a few coats of paint.

At this point I fininally stopped myself and got some reference. Fun fact: the face is referenced with from a female carnival mask I bought from Florence a year ago, I knew that would come in handy. I also had a ton of shots of Italian countryside from that same trip that were really useful. It’s funny how the place you live can be so ingrained into your head you don’t even notice, and only after looking at reference you’ll realise things can look different.

I’m really happy I managed to mostly stick with my original idea on this one, and some parts I’m really happy with (the tree), but next time I’m digging out paper and pencils before painting, I swear.

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This is actually a really old piece and a new piece in one package. I came across the old piece while browsing and regretted never finishing it, so I decided to finally do just that.

The original was in black and white, so I ended up trying completely seperate values and colors for the first time. I did values in black and white and added a color layer on top with, well, all the color. It was an interesting experiment, and worked really well for some things, and was really good for introducing color variety fast to the whole piece without making it really messy. However I ended up painting on top on the parts that I actually wanted to detail, I realised that on many occasions I’m after just the right value and hue, so it just wastes time to try to hit the right value and hue seperately.

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Character of the week

Took part in the character of the week again, tho this time I ended up doing brunt of the work sunday night just before the deadline. I wanted to explore doing stuff in more flat colors, as I’m fascinated how it allows for a really readable and defined composition. I definately feel I want to concentrate on studying composition more, so this is also a nice tool for that.

And some wips, deciding on the colors was suprisingly difficult. The whole thing was actually a struggle to maintain the idea of the original sketch.

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New Gallery

I created a new gallery for my work on deviantart at and instantly felt like doing more just fun drawing, I think only visiting really serious art forums has been keeping me too serious.

We have a sweet dog that patiently puts up with me hugging her all the time. Even if she hates me at the moment for having to give her ear medication.

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Watercolor sketches

Some imagination stuff with watercolors and pens. I keep wanting to explore this further but something always seems to come up when I’m about to. I just really love working with both ink and watercolor.





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Watercolor studies

Some watercolor studies from my long-waited weekend trip to the summer cottage. Only managed to go skiing one day, but the view on the lake was gorgeous in the sunshine. Unfortunately no pics, since I didn’t dare put my camera through the risk of going down to the lake. I fell, twice. Barely could get up with the snow this deep too, it just doesn’t offer any support.




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Character of the Week

Submission for character of the week at

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New Piece

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