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Finnhorse progress



I decided I really ought to add some horse power to my portfolio, since I’ve spend such a long time studying them, but currently had nothing to show for it. This was also a convenient excuse to give digital pencils a try, and to see if I could get traditional looking results with them.


The initial drawing. I knew I was not quite happy with the head, but knew I’d better catch an expression I liked in paint then with line, so I didn’t worry about it too much at this stage.


Initial values laid out with a broad brush.


Threw a gradient map filter on top of the black and white to get a ground of color.


Color worked in. lots of lots of small strokes with digital pencils. Time consuming but strangely satisfying. I was actually really happy with this version, but alas I had decided to paint a finnhorse, and the coloring was just too yellow to pass off as a breed color, even with artistic license. The horse is a bit elegant for a finnhorse too, but since there’s so much variance in the breed between the different uses, I felt I could pass that off better. I do love palominos though!


Did another gradient map to adjust color, and worked on the color until I was happy with it. Added fine detail. Fine tuned background from this to reach the final image.


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Horse Sketch

Because I should practice drawing more horses. I don’t think there’s ever a point where you need to stop practicing drawing horses for that matter. Also had fun with broken line, something I found kinda interesting when trying out the traditional media pieces. I think there’s definitely something fun there. I should do more sketches, I just need to magic some more time for myself!

horse sketch

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Horse Painting Done

The painting based loosely on the previous horse sketch is done!

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Horse sketch

A horse sketch that I might use as a preparation for a painting, inspired by one of my moms old kids books, tam the untamed.

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Horse Inks #5

And finally the last ones. I decided from the start to do 10 all together, to make sure I have time to learn at least something. Ink turned out to be a great medium to study form with. The washes have to be carefully considered before putting down, so it forces you to consider the big forms of the horse. Besides these I’ve done a bunch of really quick sketches of horses to get a better handle on perspective, movement and all that jazz, but they aren’t that showy, as most of them are in blue pencil that I just can’t get visible on the computer. I feel I atleast got a little better feeling of the shape of the rump and those elbow muscles.

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Horse Inks #4

The dark ones were a lot more difficult then the light ones, you wanted to get the shape of the dark in one layer to have no ugly edges, and with the insanely short drying time on the crappy paper I used, it’s a real challenge.

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Horse Inks #3

More ink horses.

Also, I redid this portrait to look better, the colors just weren’t right before.

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Horse Inks #2


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Horse Inks #1

I started a series of horse ink painting while on our summer cottage/farm to improve my horse anatomy and to learn to control water and brushes better. Sorry for the bad image quality, the drivers on my scanner stopped working (they were never intended to work on windows 7 in any case), so I had to take pictures. As the ink was permanent and dried in about 2 seconds, all mistakes were permanent too, as you will see.

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