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Cat Progress


Continuing on the animal theme, a cat! My little boy loves cats for some reason, so I have been drawing a lot of cartoon cats for him lately, so naturally this lead to a compulsion to draw a finished cat too.


Initial drawing.


Laying in some values.


Lots of work in digital pencils. Unfortunately I forgot to save more progress shots in between these two, I actually did a quite a bit more work in values before starting on the detail pencil work.


Trying to bring order to the messy strokes. Then added fine detail to reach the final image.


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Testing out my traditional media process with some fruit.


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Finnhorse progress



I decided I really ought to add some horse power to my portfolio, since I’ve spend such a long time studying them, but currently had nothing to show for it. This was also a convenient excuse to give digital pencils a try, and to see if I could get traditional looking results with them.


The initial drawing. I knew I was not quite happy with the head, but knew I’d better catch an expression I liked in paint then with line, so I didn’t worry about it too much at this stage.


Initial values laid out with a broad brush.


Threw a gradient map filter on top of the black and white to get a ground of color.


Color worked in. lots of lots of small strokes with digital pencils. Time consuming but strangely satisfying. I was actually really happy with this version, but alas I had decided to paint a finnhorse, and the coloring was just too yellow to pass off as a breed color, even with artistic license. The horse is a bit elegant for a finnhorse too, but since there’s so much variance in the breed between the different uses, I felt I could pass that off better. I do love palominos though!


Did another gradient map to adjust color, and worked on the color until I was happy with it. Added fine detail. Fine tuned background from this to reach the final image.


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Happy Melons

Melons done for Paf, for display on cruise ships with their fruit games.



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Ice cream and donut  done with with acrylics and colored pencils.

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CS Team Tag


A small tag/logo I did for the CS team night owls. This was a fun little project, I got free reign on design and everyone was very happy with the result.

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Baby year


I’ve been absent for a while, due to having a wonderful baby boy, and taking some time off to care for him. As much as I enjoyed having a baby year, I’m so glad to be back to work now!

I managed to finally get into sewing too, since there was just no time for knitting with all the baby stuff going on. And nursing wear is insanely expensive when bought ready made. This has all left me with a huge appreciation for the great selection of print fabrics we have available here in Finland for children and adults both, and a definite yearning to try my hand at fabric design!

My poor garden has been pretty neglected too, though we did manage to plant a cherry tree and insert a new garden arch this year. And we got a kitchen compost, so delicious fertilizer coming up next year!

I’ll update some old stuff to the blog I’ve forgotten to post earlier, and some new stuff upcoming soon too!

The image was part of a baby card sent out, continuing my experimentation with colored pencils and acrylic washes.

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Marketing Illustration for Paf


Here’s something I did for Avaus/ paf during the summer. Not really my usual style, but it was a pretty interesting challenge to find a look everyone was happy with. I do love the kind of retro feel it has too.

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Old tree and a Fairy

Did a tree painting, watch the whole painting process on livestream at

This was a really fun experiment on a more spot illustration style, I’m really happy about the way the framing came out. I love old trees and don’t paint them nearly often enough. This was also in foreshadowing of the tree bark tutorial, coming soon!




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Another 1 hour drawing, these are fun. I’m growing fond of this texture.

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