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Baby year


I’ve been absent for a while, due to having a wonderful baby boy, and taking some time off to care for him. As much as I enjoyed having a baby year, I’m so glad to be back to work now!

I managed to finally get into sewing too, since there was just no time for knitting with all the baby stuff going on. And nursing wear is insanely expensive when bought ready made. This has all left me with a huge appreciation for the great selection of print fabrics we have available here in Finland for children and adults both, and a definite yearning to try my hand at fabric design!

My poor garden has been pretty neglected too, though we did manage to plant a cherry tree and insert a new garden arch this year. And we got a kitchen compost, so delicious fertilizer coming up next year!

I’ll update some old stuff to the blog I’ve forgotten to post earlier, and some new stuff upcoming soon too!

The image was part of a baby card sent out, continuing my experimentation with colored pencils and acrylic washes.

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Unicorn Inks and the progress to final

So, final (for now)!

As well as the final stage of my exploration, I’m also happy enough to call the latest revision final, hopefully to stay that way. It took a while to get this  one done, as I needed to determine the art supplies I was missing and make the trip to buy them.

I’ve never used hot pressed watercolor paper before, as for some reason it’s a bit hard to find. I got a few different versions to test, one pure white and one yellow tinted. This one is on the yellow tinted paper, but as it makes transferring to the computer a bit more challenging I think I’ll stick to the white one in the future.

So, hot pressed watercolor paper, rohrer & klingner waterproof inks and colored pencils:


I attached the whole of the process of style exploration for easy viewing, beginning from bottom. Now that the style and materials are settled on, I’ll continue on to take the rest of the roughs to final.

unicorn_coloredpencil2 unicorn_pencil2

unicorn_ink  unicorn_pastel_small unicorn_coloredpencil



The other posts relating to this process and with more words about each stage:

Beginning of project:

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Colored Pencil Unicorn version 2

A second round with colored pencil and some ink washes. Still to got: a version with a lot more ink and a lot less pencil.


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Traditional Media Exploration

So, the first round of the dreaded traditional media experimentation is done! It was every bit as nerve wracking as I thought, with no idea where I was heading and some unfortunate lapses in memory regarding traditional art (umber is green, duh).

Just as a reminder, here’s my original digital rough:


Which turned into this drawing (which turned out to be too inaccurate, need to redo for second round):


First try, gouache. I didn’t even complete this one, as I realized this is not going to be what I’m looking for. With enough patience I could create a look pretty similar to a flat digital look, but I’m looking for something with textures here, something new!


My first watercolor base, with colored pencil on top. I think this one has potential, though for final I’d need to a) have thinner pencil lines so I could use thinner ink lines b) prefer a smoother paper, so the colored pencil wouldn’t be quite as domineering as a texture.


My second watercolor base, done simultaneously with the first one and finished with pastel pencils. This one has it’s moments (and problems, oh THOSE problems!), but overall I don’t think so, too thick and textured.


Last but not least colored inks. I bought these inks almost two years ago, but this is the first thing I’ve made with them (buying too many art materials you say!?). I was sure I’d like to use those inks though, and I was right, I did! You’d think working with washes of ink would be similar to watercolor, but it isn’t, it’s much better! I kinda dig the forced limited palette too, since I only have around 6 colors (of which three are different earth colors, none of the actual brown I want!). If I end up going this way though, I think I’ll buy a few more shades to not end up too monochromatic.

I started this one by laying down washes of brown (mixed from two of my browns) until I had good values, and laid down colored washes on top until I was happy. I finished with the line work.


I’ll probably move on by redoing my final drawing, and retrying the inks version and colored pencils with more finesse and fixing the problems that cropped up on this round.

I was originally going to give acrylics and oils a go as well, but since I realized gouache won’t work, I knew I wouldn’t find the textures I was looking for with them either. As oils is the traditional media I have the most experience with, it’s good I can stay out of my comfort zone and not default to something that feels safe and familiar.

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